Don't Overburden Yourself

We'll bear the load for you in Lansing or Grand Rapids, MI

You're moving to Lansing, MI from out of town, and you've finally reached your new home. But now you have a problem - you can't unload the moving truck on your own. That's where we come in. Helper Moving, LLC offers loading and unloading services in Lansing and Grand Rapids, MI. If you're moving in, we'll make sure everything gets off the truck and into your home. If you're moving out, we'll stretch wrap your furniture and make sure everything is secure for the move.

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3 items to avoid packing during your move

Here are a few items that should be left out of the moving truck:

  1. Flammable items - items such as lighter fluid, aerosol cans and alcohol could leak and pose a safety hazard
  2. Food - you don't want your food to spoil or attract pests during your move
  3. Prescription medications - you may need quick access to your medications during or after the move

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